Parts from R2B2 Race Cars!

Parts coming in all the time!



A box from Alan Johnson.

Parts arriving all the time from USA to the SMRC shop!


Parts for Top Mod Racing!

Rear drive shaft hoop for Håkan Perssons Top Doorslammer Viper!


Delivery from AFT clutches!

Just got some parts from ATF clutches / TF Performance!

Let me know if you need anything for your AFT clutch!

Delivery from R2B2 Race Cars!!

Just got about 400 pounds of race car parts from R2B2 Race Cars!! 🙂


Parts from Brad Anderson!

Got some stuff from Brad Anderson today, let me know if you need help with getting parts from them!


Whatever you need I will help you!

More Lenco stuff!

Got more stuff from Lenco today!
Trying to have as much as possible in stock of the normal service parts for the CS1 trans for you out there!


Parts from Good Vibrations Motorsports

Just got some stuff from Good Vibrations Motorsports, we always got some small stuff to the fuel system in stock contact me about what you need and if you want my help to get parts from them!
And also, I got parts in stock to make your new injector hat and port nozzle hoses, just let me know the length, and if you want to have straight or 90 deg hose ends.

Hose per foot and hose ends straight or 90 degrees.

Parts from Toms Differentials

Got a couple of Toms 10″ ring and pinion sets today and some other stuff for Ford 9″, the best gear set you can buy for your 9″ third member! Let me know if you are interested in any parts from Toms!


Really nice piece!

Lenco transmission parts!

Got some Lenco parts today, I order parts from Lenco Racing pretty often and also got pretty much parts in stock for the CS1 trans, for example clutch discs, steel discs, o-ring gasket kits, seals, bearings, snap rings, reverse planetary, some tools, washers, front seal plug, well like you see the normal parts that’s needed for you trans!
And if you need help servicing your Lenco I can help you with that also, complete or just repair lose parts like change planetary gears etc.
Contact me and let me know what you need!